She sings to her husband on the cell phone while he was fighting against the Covid-19

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Although statistics have told us that older adults suffer the highest mortality from COVID-19, there are also young people who are suffering and even dying from this disease.

Maura Lewinger shared her sad story on social media to create a little awareness among people who still doubt that this exists and to take all the necessary precautions and measures to protect themselves until all this happens. She sang her wedding waltz to her husband over the phone, while he gradually lost the battle against the coronavirus.

Everything was complicated by the Covid-19.

Joe Lewinger started having mild symptoms of COVID-19, but after a few days developed respiratory problems, so he was admitted to the hospital and isolated from any type of contact other than doctors and nurses. Joe has three children with Maura.

Due to sanitary measures, the family, who lives in New York, was able to keep in touch only via cell phone, through which they made videoconferences or calls to find out their current health status.

Symptoms worsened over the days.

Through a call, the medical staff notified Maura that her husband was dying and that it was best to start saying goodbye before it was too late. His children spoke to him and told him how much they loved him. Maura, for her part, thanked him for “being the most incredible husband, for making me feel valued and loved every day”; In addition, she sang the song they danced on their wedding day until he stopped breathing.

Although she was not with him physically, she assures that her mind and heart were next to him.

Don’t leave home. This disease is real.

In her Facebook post, Maura was very emphatic with people, asking them to follow all the measures established by the government to avoid getting infected, adding:

If my husband had to die to save others, he would be happy that his death was as shocking as his life, but he didn’t have to be gone for this reason. So you should stay at home. You shouldn’t think that you will be fine!