She was late to take her children to school and upon arrival she realized that she left them at home

I dare to say that we have all forgotten things when we are late to get to school or work, it is normal, there are days that we are very accelerated and we focus on the important thing, and the little things that we forget is because our brain does not identify them as something vital, the point is to reach our destination quickly.

This hurried mother shared a funny clip on social networks where she tells that she was late to take her children to school, so she quickly took the keys, climbed into her van, and halfway noticed a small detail: she left children at home.

“I drove to school without the boys! They are not in the car,” the woman laughs as she shows the empty seats where the children should be. “I was in such a hurry that I simply got in the car and left,” the distracted mother added after mentioning that she should return home to pick them up.

Although the identity of the woman and the place where it happened is unknown, everything indicates that it was somewhere in the United States.

More than 4 million people have played the video on Twitter. Between jokes and similar anecdotes, some users were wondering what happened after realizing that their children were not in the car, and the person who uploaded the first video responded with a second part where it is seen that she returned for them and the boys were already waiting for her, unable to contain her laughter throughout the misunderstanding.

Now, I don’t know if they noticed it, but their children are huge teenagers, how can you forget two boys of that age and not realize that they don’t come with you? That woman, in addition to being in a hurry, is clueless, but the laughter was not lacking, which is what really matters.

What do you think?

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