Should fruits and vegetables be cleaned due to coronavirus and in what way?

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These days we are looking at how the house, workplace, or clothes should be washed as a result of the virus, but how should fruits and vegetables be cleaned because of coronavirus and how?

The truth is all precaution is little, but we should not obsess about exaggeratedly cleaning everything either.

Can the coronavirus be transmitted through food?

Like everything in this disease, it is not clear. At the moment, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has reported that there is now no evidence that food may be a likely route of transmission of the virus. But this does not mean that we wash them well.

Tips for washing fruits and vegetables correctly

First, wash our hands well with soap and water before touching or cleaning food.

We separate the leaves from the vegetables and vegetables, and we will clean them one by one to remove dirt and possible pesticides and fertilizers. This or is something new because we used to do it before this pandemic. So we can clean the fruits and vegetables.

In other types of vegetables, it is good to leave them in a strainer with water to clean them better. While in others, it is recommended to scratch with a brush under water.

We can also immerse the fruits in water and rub them with our hands, but if we already leave them in water, they clean well.

Although a large part of the fruits have their skin removed (although it has many vitamins) in this time of coronavirus, perhaps it is better not to eat it, if we want to eat them with the skin, we will wash them with water.

Do we pass any disinfectant to them?

This point is not clear because some professionals recommended applying a cloth with a little water and bleach on all food surfaces. Now some consider that it is not necessary.

In any case, we will do it with approved products and without making mixtures so as not to cause poisoning.

When in doubt, asking professionals is always something more possible before doing something that we do not know for sure if it is correct.