Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, pollution in China is significantly reduced

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The problem of pollution in the big Chinese cities had reached alarming levels, especially because of the poor air quality, and that is that in a country where millions and millions go out every day in cars, buses and others, it was expected that emissions of gases were dangerous.

Within the emergency that has generated the coronavirus, something positive has come out of all that, and that is because of the quarantine millions of people have stopped going out to the streets, in addition to factories and shops closed their doors temporarily, and this generated that Pollution levels will be significantly reduced.

Although it seems incredible, to be able to enjoy a blue sky in several areas of China was practically impossible, and although some measures have been implemented, the reality is that they had not been able to control the pollution problem.

While it is true that the coronavirus is a serious situation that must be addressed, it should also be recognized that its arrival has brought benefits like this, which makes the picture not as dark, as previously in the Chinese sky.

NASA and the European Space Agency shared images of their satellites about the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the Chinese atmosphere. This chemical compound is one of the most polluting that exists and arises mainly from combustion in vehicles and factories.

The change is impressive and in a short period of time, which makes it very clear that those responsible for pollution and climate change is none other than the human being.

While it is true that during the celebrations for the New Year in China, at the end of January, there is historically a decrease in pollution, since people do not go out so much and many shops close, this reduction has been extended especially in the areas with a greater presence of the coronavirus.

Lauri Myllyvirta, from the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) in the United States, said that the decline in industrial activity has meant a 25% reduction in emissions of pollutant gases, especially carbon dioxide ( CO2), ridding the atmosphere of 150 million metric tons (mtm) of that gas.

If we take into account that China is one of the countries that pollutes the most in the world, the reduction of its emissions of pollutant gases has a global impact, and it is estimated that it represents a 6% decrease in this type of pollutants throughout the world.

Coronavirus is expected to be controlled very soon, and this probably represents the end of this “respite” from the atmosphere, but it can be a good basis for implementing better mechanisms that reduce pollution. I hope so.