Single man adopts child abandoned by his adoptive parents

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Many of us are fortunate to have grown up in a family with our biological parents, living with our siblings and enjoying a life that every child should have; however, many of them do not have that fortune.

And this is the story of Tony Mutabazi, to whom at the young age of 2 years life began to teach him. What was not expected was that years later, he was going to be a very lucky boy despite everything he lived through.

Cloaked heroes still exist!

In these days, when everyone seems to see only for themselves, the cases of altruism in the world are strange, but Peter Mutabazi showed that there are still good people. And although Peter’s life was not good throughout his life, as he suffered from psychological and physical abuse by part of his father, in addition to going through a childhood of extreme poverty in a small village between Uganda and Rwanda, he decided to find a way out go ahead and above all see for the good of others.

He had a good life, but his house was empty.

After finding a way to move forward and move from the villa in which he lived, he settled in Oklahoma, United States, where he started a real estate business, but with time he realized that the empty rooms of his house really needed to be busy, and what better than with homeless children.

There was a special boy who needed him

On the other hand, there is Tony Mutabazi, a little boy who, when he was only 2 years old, was abandoned in an orphanage, when he turned 4, he was adopted by an Oklahoma family, however after 7 years of living with them one day suddenly when he was 11 he was abandoned in a city hospital.

Tony couldn’t stay on the street.

Thanks to the fact that Peter had taken the classes and workshops necessary to be a foster parent, he began to dedicate his life to helping homeless children and was known in the city for his empathy and generosity, so when the adoptive parents of Tony abandoned him, Jessica Ward, a host service worker, contacted Peter to find out if he could receive little Tony over the weekend while they figured out what they could do.

Peter knew he had to do something immediately.

Even though Peter initially thought not to welcome Tony since he had other children in his care, but Tony stole his heart because 20 minutes later, having arrived at his home, the boy asked if he could call him “dad,” so he asked Jessica about Anthony’s story. And it was when he decided to adopt it.

When he told me everything, he was crying. I thought, who can do that to a child?

—Peter Mutabazi

He was adopted when Tony was 13

Although it was a long process, Peter did not have any problems to make the adoption of Tony, and it was on November 12, 2019, that Anthony officially received the last name of Peter. Both feel blessed to have each other as a family, and it is a great example that all children deserve to be loved and respected.