Sources assure that Kim Jong-un would be in serious condition after the operation

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Someone, please tell 2020 to stop surprising us. And it is as if the pandemic, the situation with oil, the economy, and everything that has hovered around the fateful year 2020 were not enough, now we find the news (or rumor) that the leader of North Korea could be in serious health danger after surgery, according to intelligence sources in the United States. And even, at the time of writing this note, various sources have claimed brain death.

Rumors about him and his health have increased after he missed the commemoration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, and the last time he was seen, it happened four days earlier at a government meeting.

Corroborating news about the hermetic country of North Korea is extremely difficult, since Kim Jong-un and his government control all the information that surrounds the leader; however his recent absences have sparked all kinds of speculation about his health.

“There have been numerous rumors about Kim’s health (lung complications from smoking, heart, and brain problems were some of the speculations). If he is hospitalized, it would explain why he was not present at the important celebrations of April 15. “

Bruce Klinger, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation, an American think tank, and a former CIA deputy chief for North Korea.

In addition, the White House revealed that it received information that the leader had heart surgery last week. “If he is alive, his state of health is serious,” official sources told Bloomberg journalist Jennifer Jacobs.

He has been last seen on April 11 in state media. In addition, April 15 was the most important holiday in North Korea: the anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the country’s founding father.