Strange British couple lives as if it’s 1940 and refuses to live in the present

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Although in the forties, people experienced the horrors of World War II, this British couple is very passionate about that time and prefers to continue living in the past.

Visiting the home of Dean Turner and Lynda Easton is like travelling through time and being transported until 1940. This couple from the United Kingdom dresses and lives as the British did almost 80 years ago, and for them, it is the most normal.

Both are passionate about vintage style and attend many events in which antiques are presumed. Dean even won the Mr Vintage UK 2019 award thanks to his vest dress, pocket watch, and moustache.

The couple decided to go beyond the events and start living in the style of the forties in the 21st century. Their clothes, furniture, and household utensils have the appearance of objects belonging to World War II.

Dean obtained many of the furniture and objects in his house as an inheritance from his grandparents, so they are authentic antiques. They have books and even magazines on how to survive during that international conflict. For them, that time was the best because of the war. People work together to get ahead.

Of course, in addition to promoting the lifestyle of yesteryear, this eccentric couple also enjoys attracting people’s attention. No one can avoid looking at them when they go out for a walk or when they pass in front of their house.

Dean and Lynda, 48 and 49 years old, even have utensils to grow their own food in the garden of the house and even an alarm siren that still works. They feel very normal living in the past and no longer worry about what they will say.

Dean says, ‘I am now at a time when I consider that we should not judge each other, I am above that. It doesn’t bother me what people say or what they think’.

The current modern life is hectic, although it has many benefits, so Dean and Lynda prefer to live in the past where things were simpler. This is a gallery of images that show the peculiar and ancient lifestyle of this couple.

9. Welcome to the forties

8. At lunch

7. Also, photos are vintage

6. Books of the Ministry of Food

5. Sounding the alarm

4. Tea time

3. A complete trip to the past

2. They live happily

1. Greetings from the forties