Students donate graduation money for their cancer teacher

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There are teachers who are inspiration and motivation for their students, so much that they create a very strong bond that neither time nor distance can break. Students of the Profile School, in Bethlehem, United States, are proof of what a teacher can represent in the life of a schoolboy.

For four years, students saved eight thousand dollars for a graduation trip to New York. Everything was planned until they received the news that the director of their educational institution, Courtney Vashaw, had been diagnosed with cancer.

The impact was so much for them because Vashaw is a person who represents a lot in their lives, that they made a decision: to donate their trip money for their treatment against the disease. The delivery of the donation was captured on video, reaching 43,998 views on YouTube and showing the face of happiness and gratitude of the teacher for the noble action of her students.

Ian Baker, one of the young men, said ”his group decided to do the altruistic act because “Professor Vashaw is a very helpful person”; Another commented that the teacher “is one of the most determined people that he and his classmates have known.”

Another case of students who sympathized with their teacher occurred in Brazil, at the Balbina Viana Arrais State School. The Arts teacher, Bruno Rafael, made a substitution at the institution but two months passed and he was not paid, something that led him to sleep at school because he did not have to pay for an apartment or a house.

Master Bruno’s class heard about what happened and organized a raffle to help him, in which they raised $ 105. Not satisfied with that, they decided to give him the money in a very special way: with posters to guide him to his desk, and there he discovered the envelope with the amount they managed to raise.

The event was recorded by one of the students. The teacher is surprised and excited, thanking the action of his students:

People often see that a student wants to face and hit a teacher. When this happened, I felt really happy.