Study reveals at what stage the coronavirus is spread

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The coronavirus is not spread when a person is sick, but earlier, during the incubation phase, in at least half of the cases. Data from an epidemiological study based on reports of those infected in the city of Tianjin, China, and Singapore, indicating that the generation interval is less than the incubation time for the virus. Therefore, you may get it before symptoms begin.

When is the coronavirus spread?

The study “Epidemiology and Transmission of Covid-19” is the first to be carried out to determine how the disease is transmitted. For this, the data collected during the spread of the epidemic in China, especially in Shenzhen, was used.

The cases were identified, compared, and the onset of symptoms until disease transmission, isolation, and hospitalization of the patients was estimated using the virus transmission metrics and risk factors. In this way, it is possible to measure the time between the contagion of one individual and the moment it infects the next.

Analysis of study results

The results indicate that approximately half of the infections are produced during the incubation of the virus. The generation interval is estimated at 5.2 days, and this is the same as the Covid-19 incubation time, on average. That is, in some cases, it is less than the generation interval, and in other cases, it is greater. When the time is longer, the person spreads before starting to feel the symptoms.

In the city, Tianjin, China, 67% of those infected were infected with a person who had no symptoms. In Singapore, this percentage was 48%. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) mentions this study in its annual report and accepts it as valid, although the results should be interpreted as preliminary. However, its way of spreading would explain why the coronavirus cannot be contained like MERS and SARS.

Isolation and quarantine

The authors of the studies have said that, given the data revealed, they advise taking the priority measure of identifying Covid-19 carriers and their contacts. The WHO also considers that this monitoring is a priority to contain the virus, as well as social distancing.

It is advisable to stay home, take care of yourself, and wait. Now, with this new information, not necessarily people who have a cough or respiratory symptoms can spread, but also those who do not suffer from any symptoms.

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