Study reveals that not having friends is more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco

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Not having friends or being away from them is bad for your health, a study confirms that it is more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes.

This was verified in an investigation in which 280 thousand people from 100 countries participated. Those who did not have a group of friends were more likely to develop diseases such as diabetes and to be victims of depression, anxiety, and addictions, such as excessive consumption of intoxicating drinks.

The psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad (co-author of the study) said: “Stop living with friends causes the same effect as being an alcoholic or smoking 15 cigarettes daily, and is twice as dangerous as obesity.” 

Another participant in the research, Timothy L. Smith, said that humans are designed to work in groups:

This begins in childhood with our family, and then the school expands our social circle. Loneliness, on the other hand, is linked to mental illness, anxiety, and poor health.

Also, the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge revealed: “Having friends is not only important in adulthood but in all stages of life.” 

If a person has the support of their friends since childhood, they are less likely to suffer from depressive symptoms later.

Other experts in psychology say that adulthood is the best to make friends:

When we are adults, we are better trained than ever to open ourselves to relationships and show what we really need. With the passage of time, our personal development and our maturity are obvious when establishing ties because we have more capacity to set limits and defend our rights.

There are different curiosities in friendship as proven by science:

  1. Men and women cannot be friends: the University of Wisconsin studied 88 couples of friends of different sexes and concluded that men feel greater physical attraction for their friends.
  2. Animals also have friends: it has been confirmed that chimpanzees, baboons, horses, hyenas, elephants, bats, and dolphins can form lifelong ties with others who are not in their family.
  3. Friends make empathy trigger: the ability to put oneself in another place is taken to the extreme with friends.
  4. What is received is given: a group of sociologists from the University of Pennsylvania concluded that “the friends who value us best are valued more.”
  5. Friends at work are more productive: having friends helps to be happier, creative, productive, and competitive in the office.