Taking a shower at night could have great benefits

There is a debate between people who prefer to bathe in the morning to start the day smelling good and those who choose to do it at night to cool off and remove odors or dirt acquired during the course of the day. Who is right? Experts think about it.

According to research published in The New York Times in which opinions from different dermatologists were collected, taking a shower at the end of the day is better to eliminate sweat, oils, and allergens, something that helps the skin look radiant; also that improves the state of health.

If you are sweating or exercising all day, you should definitely take a bath before going to bed.

There are other reasons why a morning shower is considered better than a morning shower:

1. Prevents insomnia 

Taking a bath an hour and a half before going to sleep helps you fall asleep better.

2. Help the skin 

For people who have a dry complexion, it is better to bathe at night.

3. Eliminates toxins produced by exercise

There are people who prefer to do physical activity in the afternoon or at night, so it is considered necessary that the bath is done after these activities and not in the morning.

4. Relieves pores 

During the day, there is contact with different pollutants that clog pores. The bath at night helps to refresh the skin.

5. Savings of water

In the morning, it is more common for people to stay in the shower for a long time while they wake up. At night, the bathroom is fast because you want to conclude with the day to go immediately to bed.

6. Greater cleaning

Bathing at night will keep the bed clean and free of bacteria for a longer time.

7. Perfect hair

The hair will dawn more tame for an easy hairstyle.