Teacher travels 3 days to bring homework and material to his students without internet

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The Covid-19 pandemic keeps the majority of the population inside their homes, especially students, who had to change their face-to-face education system through virtual classes, television, or radio.

Unfortunately, not all students have technological tools, because they are low-income or live in areas so far away that there is no internet access. Juan Radovich, a primary school teacher, is aware of the situation and knows that his work as a teacher goes beyond the classroom, so he traveled for three days to bring material and homework to his students.

Professor Radovich took his vocation beyond the classroom, going a long way to help his quarantined students.

Radovich got his motorcycle and undertook a three-day trip through Misiones, a town in Argentina, to visit his students house-to-house and give them enough educational material to stay current with his classes, since he knows that most of them you don’t have internet access; however, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn.

Educating with the heart

Radovich’s trip lasted three days, and the delivered material was purchased with his own savings, demonstrating that teachers not only educate with the help of books and a blackboard but that each of the lessons is full of unconditional love.

He is a hero more than a teacher

On his trip, Radovich recognized the need of his students for technological resources; some of them lacked a computer or mobile phone, and the internet signal was difficult to pick up.

The teacher gave material to 60 students in total, promised to return to review each of their assignments; and, of course, provide them with more knowledge and unconditional love.