Teacher walks 8 kilometers daily to deliver food and homework to his students

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With the recent situation, we have learned that not all heroes wear capes, some are wearing gowns, and others have larger backpacks and books under their arms, like this man named Zane Powles, who works as the principal of the Western Primary School in Grimsby, England.

Powles walks 5 miles every day to deliver lunches and homework to students who don’t have internet access. The man uses the deliveries to know how his students are doing in terms of their development and to help them solve their doubts.

Meet Zane Powles

Every day he carries about 18 kilos of food in different backpacks that he carries on his back, chest, and arms. He does this to make sure his students have food.

He just wants to check if the students are ok

Place the student lunches at the door, then knock and wait for someone to pick up the food. Although he felt humiliated because not many parents agreed with his actions, he left them aside, because more people were happy to have some kind of different contact when he arrives.

In a video, he explained how the whole process is

What I decided to do was simply put together a map to determine who was ordering free food at school. By delivering it, I can see the children every day, and they can get a meal. So parents can keep children at home with a quiet lockdown. My job is to ensure the well-being of the children, and that is all I am doing.

 Feel happy to do this job

Parents and children come to the window or door to say hello, some of the parents want to talk a little; I think I’m the only adult contact they can talk to. I’m usually a pretty private person, so all the attention is a little embarrassing, but we are all doing our job: the well-being of our students is our top priority, and we are doing the best we can.

Won an award for being an inspiration to others

Zane said on his Twitter account that helping children is a team effort and that he is not the only one who does “the mule job”; the other teachers are also collaborating to help the community.

Many families are struggling, they do not want to drag their children to the store; some are afraid to leave their home. So I am one hundred percent happy to help and be there for them.

Social network users applauded their actions

You are such an angel, I just can’t control my tears, So touching

He is what we call  teacher who deserves great respect.

Everyone has a teacher that was special to them. I can see that Zane being that teacher for a lot of kids.