The 10 worst things that are usually taken daily and that make us gain belly without warning

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We are aware of the value of eating healthy. Doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians consider sugars, calories, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, and highly processed meats as a source of many health issues. But do you know precisely which foods are the most harmful?

10- Soft drinks

Soft drinks are one of the easiest ways to consume large amounts of calories without realizing it. Just two sodas a week can almost double the risk of pancreatic cancer. 

9- Frappuccino

A caramel and cream frappuccino can contain up to 420 calories, 9 grams of saturated fat, and 66 grams of sugar. Although it may seem like the best option for a hot summer day, it definitely isn’t.

8- Hot dogs

Processed meats, as we have said, are considered a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Hot dogs, for example, contain chemicals called heterocyclic amines, which alter DNA and can increase the risk of cancer.

7- Popcorn

If you buy the corn kernels, add olive oil and a little salt, popcorn could be a healthy option. However, those for microwaves ones are full of chemicals, preservatives, salt, and partially hydrogenated oils.

6- Instant noodles

Although the Japanese consider it the invention of the twentieth century, they are far from being a healthy option. A standard package contains 400 calories, 14 grams of fat, and 66% of the recommended daily amount of sodium. Also, they hardly contain fibers or proteins so that you won’t be very satiated, and you’ll be hungry again soon.

5- Packaged juices

Although it is the snack of many children, these juices usually contain as much sugar as a soda. Ideally, choose the “100% fruit juice” options, and still lose the nutrients and fiber of the fruit naturally.

4- Sausage

Sausages are also included in processed meats. Basically, the meat is taken, liquefied and mixed with chemicals and sodium, and then give it the required form. They practically have no nutritional value.

3- Cheese slices

The cheese is full of fat, which is very high in cholesterol and calories. A piece of cheese can contain up to 4 grams of fat, more than half saturated.

2- Packaged sweets

Packaged sweets use the worst chemical additives, such as corn syrup or partially hydrogenated soybean oil, to increase their shelf life and fluffiness, in addition to large amounts of sugar. And on top, they have no nutritional value.

1- White bread

During the milling processes, the refined white flour sheds its fiber and nutrients. Without fiber, flour breaks down immediately into glucose and increases blood sugar levels in the body.

Do you consume these foods regularly? Did you know they were so harmful to health? Tell us in the comments!

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