The 12 best Christmas movies on Netflix

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It’s time to prepare for the arrival of the holidays! And watching movies on holidays is always a great option. It doesn’t matter if you like romance or terror, you can see from The Christmas calendar to Krampus, because Netflix thinks of everyone.

If you are ready to celebrate these dates of love, peace, and very cold, you can not miss these 12 movies to enter the Christmas atmosphere. Accompany them with a hot chocolate!

12. The Christmas Chronicles

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On Christmas Eve, the brothers Kate and Teddy have a mission: to record Santa Claus, but they cause an accident that destroys their sleigh, so they must work all night to save Christmas and that all children have their gifts on time.

11. The Princess Switch

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When a Chicago confectioner and a future princess discover that they look like twins, they devise a plan to exchange places and feel what it is like to be in each other’s shoes, at least during Christmas.

10. The Christmas calendar

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A talented photographer with a job that does not satisfy her, she receives a mysterious calendar that seems to predict the future and point the way to love.

9. My Christmas prince

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Amber is a young and promising journalist who is offered the opportunity to cover Prince Richard, who is about to be crowned, does not want to be king. To get more information, she pretends to be a princess.

8. A Christmas Prince: the royal wedding

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A year after helping Richard preserve the crown, Amber returns to Aldovia to plan her royal Christmas wedding, but its simplicity makes noise in royalty.

7. The Spirit of Christmas

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Kate is a lawyer obsessed with her work that during the Christmas season has to supervise the sale of an old mansion to get the promotion she wants, but a ghost tenant does not agree with the sale.

6. Christmas card

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Before inheriting the family business, Ellen, a crazy girl, must visit her father’s hometown and learn the value of work and solidarity.

5. A princess for Christmas

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Jules Daly takes care of her orphaned nephews, but it is not easy to balance her work with the home. When Christmas arrives, the children’s grandfather, a rich duke, invites them to spend the holidays in his castle, but they discover that he is not a very festive man.

4. Once Upon a Holiday

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A princess wants to know how normal people live, so she escapes her obligations during a Christmas visit to the city and pretends to be an anonymous person. This is how she meets a boy who teaches her the wonders of ordinary life.

3. Krampus

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The drama of a dysfunctional family causes its members to lose the Christmas spirit and, soon, a demon begins to terrorize them as a punishment for not complying with the Christmas tradition.

2. Angela’s Christmas

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It is a particularly cold Christmas, and Angela believes that the baby Jesus must be very cold at the birth of the church, so, in an attempt to keep him warm, she takes him home to wrap him up. But the pastor is quick to recognize the theft and calls the police.

1. Olaf’s Frozen adventure

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Olaf and Sven embark on a winter adventure to find the perfect Christmas tradition for Elsa and Anna.