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Right now, I have noted some destinations to celebrate Christmas in the United States, as listed in my wishlist, if you have plans to travel for the end year parties, in this article you have a list of recommendations to help you decide for your next vacation in the US.

4- New York

Without a doubt, New York is a top city to spend Christmas in the United States at least once in your life, and if you ask me why, my answer will be that you have missed the second part of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, in which the main character ends up flying to the city that never sleeps. If you have not seen them yet, it is one of the movies that never goes out of style and especially in its closeness with these special dates.

The symbolic place for Christmas, is the Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York with its famous and photogenic ice rink, in addition to its elegant tree decorated with great care, a tradition that has been preserved for more than 80 years. For Christmas times, it is common for snow to fall, so the stage is more than used to live a magical holiday.

3- Chicago

The city of winds also celebrates Christmas in style. For this reason, every year, Chicago is proud to lead a magnificent Christmas tree lighting ceremony, decorated with more than 48,300 lights of all colors.

The locals usually nominate several of their trees that can be from their homes, at the end of the process the winning family is the one who kindly donates the joy of all who are dressed for the occasion, acts that accompany with live music.

The venue chosen for this free show is the Millenium Park near Michigan Avenue and Washington Street.

2- Alaska

I am sure that Alaska can help you fulfill two traveling dreams, because it is one of the best destinations for live Christmas in the United States, in addition to witnessing one of the most beautiful views of nature that are the Northern Lights.

This vast and extensive territory is also known as the North Pole; for this beautiful reason, since 1952, thousands of children have written and sent their wish letters to the Santa Claus house located near Fairbanks in Alaska. During these dates, there are many festivals and special events throughout the region, such as the exhibition of arts.

It is incredible and pleasant to spend the Christmas holidays in a place with all the essential parts, so Alaska must be among your traveling desires.

1- Hawaii

Although snow is the idol and brings you in the previous places, there are always alternatives to choose between the destinations to spend Christmas in the United States. One of those options is Hawaii, with its pleasant weather all year round, but that not end here. They have the best Christmas spirit when it comes to getting all handsome for these annual holidays.

In these paradisiacal lands, Santa Claus puts on fewer clothes than usual and goes out to the street with the name of Shaka Santa, a huge character six meters tall, dressed in shorts and a semi-open shirt that poses proudly next to his beloved Tutu Man’s wife.

The main attraction in these parts is the Honolulu City Lights, a show in front of the Town Hall ( Honolulu City Hall ) that lasts month full of cheerful displays, live music, accompanied by a Christmas tree of about 15 meters high.