The best tips to look spectacular without wearing makeup

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One of the trends in celebrities is to go out with a fresh face and stay fresh all day. Many times we believe that to look beautiful, we need to use tons of makeup, but that is not true.

Below we give you some tips to make you look beautiful naturally.

Highlight your beauty without wearing makeup

Our face changes a lot when we put on makeup that cannot be denied. However, we must accept that we are beautiful even when we do not use mascara, lipstick, or blush.

A woman is much prettier when she can enhance her natural beauty without anything artificial.

6. Clean your face well

If the facial skin is clean, it will look younger, radiant, and beautiful! You can enjoy the properties of facial cleansers that sell in stores, as long as you pay attention to their components.

Many times they have powerful agents that remove dead cells from the dermis but also cause redness or dryness. Washing the face twice a day is also necessary to make it look more bright. If you only clean your face when you bathe or want to take off your makeup, you better start doing it also when you wake up and before going to bed at night.

In a short time, you will see the results.

5. Exfoliates and tones

In addition to washing your face every day, exfoliation is essential to eliminate all flaws and excess fat. Pay attention not to rub your skin too much to avoid redness or irritation. If you do not want to use a chemical scrub, you can take advantage of the benefits of sugar.

A tonic for the dermis is the products that can be added to your daily cleaning. It serves to restore the natural pH of the face, remove excess fat, close pores, and much more.

Just remember to consider your skin type before buying one of these items.

4. Use natural products

Makeup is not only expensive, but it can also cause skin irritation and spots.

The mascara, for example, requires a lot of effort to remove it, and that damages the health of the fragile hairs that protect our eyes. A suitable replacement maybe petroleum jelly. With a minimal amount, you will give it the shape and volume that you like the most.

Another natural makeup is coconut oil. It is used on the lips as a moisturizing balm and UV protector. Ideal for those women who always have dry or husked. No color lipsticks. You will feel the difference in a short time. They will look sensual and bright and takes care as well.

3. Don’t touch your face

A mistake we often make a lot. We touch our faces when we are nervous. When we are bored or when we are tired. This bad habit stimulates the production of fat and favors the accumulation of bacteria. All this leads to unhealthy skin. Nor do you scratch your face too much, as it causes loss of firmness and causes wrinkles early.

2. Sleep and eat well

You have to perform specific actions on the face so that it looks good without makeup, but it is necessary to have certain healthy habits if we want a flawless face. One of them is a good rest. When you sleep well, it shows the skin is relaxed, has no black marks or bags under the eyes, and remains smooth and healthy. It is advisable to sleep 8 hours in a row every night.

1. Eat well and stay Hydrated 

On the other hand, we advise you to feed yourself correctly to look prettier and not need kilos of makeup to cover imperfections. The two liters of water (minimum) of each day is not enough. You should also eat better and include more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Even if it’s winter, a juice or a fruit or vegetable smoothie for breakfast will make the skin look really young and natural.