The celebrities unite against the Covid-19 and show that we are more good

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Coronavirus is a pandemic that is affecting thousands of people around the world, it is a disease that we cannot take lightly, so we must follow the instructions that we have been given to prevent the spread of it.

The virus that does not understand geography, social status, or race, once it enters the body, weakens the organism, reasons why all kinds of people have been affected by it, including certain celebrities who are already in quarantine. 

Faced with this difficult situation, some celebrities and businessmen are contributing their grain of sand and have donated millions for the investigation of a vaccine, have canceled concerts, and instead offer live broadcasts of small shows in their homes to entertain their fans.

Fashion brands unite to donate profits.

During the first months of the year, the events of fashion weeks are held in different parts of the world, however this 2020 was different, some attendees did it with masks, and most designers decided to cancel their catwalks or do it without assistants, that is, behind closed doors and only with transmission through social networks to present their designs.

The fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni called his followers in Italy to raise funds. The response was immediate, and she managed to raise more than 3 million dollars; part of the amount was destined for the intensive care unit of the Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the rest was donated to more than 92 countries so they could stock up on medicines.

On the other hand, designer Giorgio Armani donated $ 1.25 million to hospitals and the Italian National Civil Protection Agency.

Entrepreneurs are joining the cause.

The businessman, sportsman, and actor from Madrid Enrique Sarasola, president and founder of the hotel company Room Mate, reported through his Twitter account that two of his hotels in Madrid were at the disposal of the authorities to deal with all cases that were necessary before this health crisis.

The famous do not forget the most vulnerable.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively made a call for attention not to forget about the less favored; for their part, they donated a million dollars to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, the foundations are food banks dedicated to eradicating famine. They chose them as a way to help their home countries: Blake is American and Reynolds Canadian. They also made a call to also attend to mental health since we did not forget to keep in touch with our family and friends through social networks or video calls.

Concerts from home

Singer Chris Martin offered a streaming concert from isolation at his home to try to entertain his fans and forget about the worries in the world for a moment. The broadcast lasted about half an hour during which he attended the requests of the public, singing songs like A Sky Full Of Stars, Trouble, or Viva la vida.

Encouraging message

Matthew McConaughey sent a message on his Instagram account to give his followers and the whole world a little hope:

Let us take care of ourselves and others. Now more than ever, we depend on each other. We have an enemy in the coronavirus that is faceless, raceless, genderless, non-denominational, and bipartisan. And it is an enemy that we all agree on; we are going to overcome. We want to beat him, and we are going to beat him. There is a green light on the other side of this red light that we are in now, and I believe that the green light will be built on the values ​​that we can have right now and that are kindness, resilience, respect, and courage.