The evil of loves can cause you to get gray hair

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If you are crying in the corners for an ungrateful love, after reading this, you will immediately stop to dry those tears. It turns out that suffering for love can “get you gray hair” … Yes, it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Scientists at Harvard University have discovered why this is so.

So what does ‘The Nameless’ have to do with my gray hair?

It turns out that being tense all day causes the depletion of the stem cells that are responsible for forming the pigments in the hair follicles (melanocytes), causing the hair to turn gray or white. You really didn’t expect that one, did you?

Ending a relationship is complicated and very stressful, so that you continue to keep that vibrant color in your hair we leave you some tips to better cope with the situation.

1. Stay busy

There is nothing worse than a mind fed with negative thoughts. Instead of focusing on situations from the past, instead focus on activities that nurture your soul and body. Read, listen to your favorite music at full volume, put over and over that movie that you like so much. Go running, don’t you like running? Walk! Take a bike ride, take an online course; the possibilities are endless.

2. Be strong 

It will be useless for you to work on yourself if you still have a relationship with that person. That way, you can never fully heal, at least for now. It is better that distance is your best friend.

3. Enjoy the best company: yours

There is no one more beautiful, intelligent, funny, and valuable than you. You don’t need someone by your side to have fun or achieve your goals. Enjoy yourself; Being single is also great.

4. The importance of your friends

Lean on them and cry, laugh, tell them what you feel. It is not good to hold back, and they say that “the penalties with bread (and with friends) are good.”

5. Accept the situation

The most difficult part, the one that costs and hurts: acceptance. We are not going to tell you to live in a fairy tale where nothing happens, and everything is a bad dream. It is normal for you to feel angry, sad, and disappointed, but learning to manage those negative feelings will make you grow as a person.