The job of your dreams! Earn $ 2,500 per week as a home evaluator


HushHush, an e-commerce website, designated as the “Amazon for millionaires,” looks for real estate appraisers who must travel the world and place scores on dream homes.

It would seem to anyone a fantastic job opportunity to travel the world to live in luxury homes and mansions and, also, to receive a significant salary for that job.

That is the position, which weeks ago, presented the British portal HushHush specialized in goods and services for the rich, which is looking for professional profiles for the position of the evaluator of luxury properties.

This work is for anyone who wants to apply, and you just have to complete an online form that is on the company’s website. To set the types of houses, you are going to visit, you can enter the “Property” option.

The person will have to live a week in one of these luxury houses and will have to examine it from several points of view: the place where the property is located, accessibility, style, and comfort. As easy as that!

Once the person has spent a week on the property, he must make a report of no more than 800 words and deliver it to the HushHush headquarters within five days of leaving the evaluated house. 

In the contract that the company signs with the chosen candidate, it indicates to him to an evaluation of 10 to 15 properties to the year.

In summary: You can work 70 to 105 days a year and charge up to approximately $ 37,500.

Some of the properties that are already sold on this platform are a luxury villa on the French Riviera, a 25-room Spanish villa, a home in the Florida Ocean Reef Club (USA), and a mansion in the Pacific neighborhood Heights of the North American city of San Francisco.

At this time, there are 5 to 10 vacancies, and there is no time limit to submit your application, but you must keep in mind that when they select ten people, for this job, the offer will be automatically closed.

There are minimum requirements: not having a criminal record, having a passport, and being available from now on if you are elected and being able to travel from tomorrow. They are looking for reliable people with great attention to detail and excellent writing.

Do you meet all the requirements to work in the position of your dreams?

The page to apply for the job is:


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