The most consulted words in the language dictionary these days

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Although coronaviruses and video calls are not yet in the dictionary of most languages, they are positioned with the most consulted words during these days.

But there are more terms searched these days. For example is pandemic, quarantine, epidemic, virus, or confinement. And recurrently, the dictionary queries have been morgue, moratorium, altruism, etc.

Words related to health

Medical terms are also sought during these days. In addition to the coronavirus that is searched incessantly, those that have been consulted the most have been asymptomatic, dyspnea, disease, infect, hypochondria.

Words that are not in the dictionary yet

Those terms that are not found in the dictionary but users have repeatedly searched in the dictionary are, obviously, coronaviruses, also others that we have heard during all these days, such as, sanitizing, video calling, or quarantine. They are the most consulted words.

Words and their meaning, according to the Dictionary


Epidemic disease that spreads to many countries or that attacks almost all the individuals of a locality or region.


Preventive isolation of people or animals in one place and for a period for sanitary reasons.

The isolation that, for any reason, is imposed on a person.


Microorganism composed of genetic material protected by a protein envelope, which causes various diseases by entering a cell as a parasite to reproduce in it.


Action or result of confining. 


Choking or difficulty breathing.


Extension of the time allowed to do a thing, especially to fulfill an obligation or pay a debt.


A disease that attacks large numbers of people or animals in the same place and during the same period of time.

Damage or misfortune affects a large part of a population, and that causes serious harm.