The Moto Razr is Back, Flipping Open an Old Love Story

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The Moto Razr phone was one of the most coveted during the 2000s. Silver, fuchsia, gold, or black, the color was the least important because, in the end, we all covered it with shiny pebbles to make it look more luxurious.

For months it was speculated that it would return, but you already know what they say: “Believing is Seeing.” Finally, our pleas were heard because the company has already announced the relaunch of the phone with some modifications. We cannot wait another day for it to reach the market.

The years passed and the world forgot

When Miranda Priestly used it in The Devil Wears Prada, the status of the cell phone rose even more; but over the years, new products appeared that captivated the market, and Moto Razr was forgotten.

Earlier this year, Motorola announced that the time would come when they would launch a new version, but they didn’t know when it would be, and it was until now that they gave us a little look at their latest model.

Very soon, it will be launched.

The new model will have a folding screen and will cost about $ 1,500. Only 200,000 units will be produced that will be on sale on December 26 through Verizon.

This new version will have a 6.2-inch touch screen inside and a 2.7-inch exterior. You can also open and close it as in the old days. As for the camera, which is an important part of today’s phones, it will have a front and two more rear to offer different perspectives, it also has a fingerprint reader and is waterproof, so that nothing can damage it.

The sale will be exclusive to the United States

But do not lose your temper because if it is a success in sales, most likely to reach more places in the world. A CNET analyst summarized that the phone was: “Simplified. Fully baggable. Nostalgic, with a sharp futuristic edge.”

As for folding phones, users still have doubts, especially after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The reviews were so bad that sales finally collapsed, and the company temporarily suspended manufacturing. Hopefully, the same does not happen with this model. Meanwhile, we will continue to wait for the rest of the world to try this new experience.