The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is finally solved after taking thousands of people

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Bermuda Triangle also called the Devil’s Triangle or Hurricane Alley is a loosely named region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where several aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under puzzling situations—for decades has been the topic of various books, TV shows, press and magazine articles, and websites, and inspired plenty of dread and fascination.,. Most reputable experts reject the concept that there is any strangeness.

The ocean has always been a mysterious area to people, and when nasty weather or bad navigation is involved, it can be a very dangerous place. 

After taking the lives of approximately 1,000 people in the last century alone, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle seems to have finally been solved. It appears that the clouds that cover this area are “murderous.” Scientists believe that these are to blame for the demolition of so many planes and ships in the area.

Defying 70 years of fevered thought, the researchers claim that the hexagonal clouds that cover the Bermuda Triangle generate terrible winds of 170 mph that they describe as “air bombs.”

They believe that these brutal explosions of air can cause ships to tip over, and even planes crash into the ocean.

The Mirror reports that these huge clouds appear primarily at the western end of Bermuda, and vary between 20 and 55 miles wide.

A meteorologist at Colorado State University, Dr. Steve Miller, has told the What on Earth science channel:Normally you can’t see the edges of the clouds directly. Most of the time, clouds have a random distribution.”

By using radar satellites to measure what was going on beneath the clouds, they discovered that sea-level winds were reaching almost 170 mph, to understand it, this is the speed that the wind reached during Hurricane Katrina.

These winds are so powerful that they could generate waves over 14 meters high, creating these “air bombs” that cause them to collapse into the ocean.

Scared? Normal, without a doubt, the result remains the most chilling, but at least you can put an end to all the crazy theories that have surrounded one of the most mysterious corners of the planet.

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