The perfect breakfast secret to lose weight

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The first meal of the day is important, although we not only want to lose weight but also gain in health. Therefore, we reveal what is the secret of the perfect breakfast to reduce weight.

Therefore, follow this guide to achieve your goals.

In addition, it is not so clear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but nutritionists do agree that it should be done correctly and so we will add health and get slim.

Lavish breakfast

Breakfast should be plentiful, but with healthy foods, of course. If we do so, we will not be so hungry and we will get to the food without having to snack. Thanks to this, we will also have more energy to start the day and, therefore, more desire to do things.

Piece of fruit

A good breakfast should bring at least one piece of fruit. This is essential to nourish ourselves as soon as we get up properly. In addition, fruits carry a significant amount of fruit and regulate our digestive system.

Dairy products

Dairy products must also be incorporated. A good example is a yogurt or a slice of fresh cheese. They provide a large amount of calcium, and this provides benefits in the body, especially the strengthening of the bones for the elderly and children of growing age. Dairy products give us energy and satisfy us.


Breakfast should also include protein. We can do this with a natural yogurt with cereals or with fruits.

Less coffee

Yes, it is inevitable to start the day without coffee, since it activates and encourages us to wake up. But it is healthier to drink a green tea that has antioxidants and will give us the same energy as coffee. While it is not bad to drink one or two, excess caffeine can have its consequences on health.


Eating eggs is also an idea and is part of the secret of the perfect breakfast to lose weight and be healthy. We talked before the proteins, because with the egg we already have our ration of proteins, because it also has an important satiating effect that can accompany us until the meal, and even make us not so hungry at lunchtime.