The power of a smile: 5 benefits of smiling

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Smiles have great power. Not only are they able to build trust among people, but the more someone smiles, the healthier they can be. Although it sounds weird but it’s true! Smiling frequently, regardless of mood, can improve health and even help us live longer. Check out some of the benefits that this little gesture has on us.

5. It improves our mood

A study by Scientific American showed that some facial expressions, such as smiling, can improve mood and increase positive thoughts.

Smiling releases endorphins, which translates into an increase in the feeling of happiness and positivity. You know, the next time you’re a little sad, try to smile, it can make you feel better!

4. Relieves some pain

Laughter is the best medicine since it allows our body to produce its own natural pain relievers.

Although hard to believe, a good laugh can relieve some body aches. The release of endorphins triggered by laughter, not only makes us happier, but it also supports the body to feel better.

3. Lower blood pressure and strengthen us

Cardiovascular health is one of the main concerns of the 21st century.

As an article by The College of Family Physicians explains, laughing can lead to an immediate increase in heart rate and oxygen consumption, followed by a period of muscle relaxation, a decrease in heart rate, and lower pressure. Did you know that laughter can improve our immune system? As a WebMD study explains, laughter increases immune cells and antibodies, which allow our body to fight infections and diseases.

2. Reduce stress

There are several studies that show that people who had to face a stressful situation, and they faced it smiling, had lower frequencies compared to those who did not smile.

Yes, that’s right, smiling relieves and allows us to control our responses to stress.

1. Let us relate better

Let’s not fool ourselves, we all know that if we have to talk to someone, we will always go first to the person who answers us with a smile. And, as the study of the US National Library of Medicine demonstrates, people who smile are identified as more pleasant.

If people consider you as pleasant, you have more opportunities to discover, build, and maintain relationships personal, which benefits you and your well-being.

So next time, when you are in some problem or facing any difficulty or sad due to any reason, just try to smile and see how the situation changes.