The richest children in the world

They are children, but they already have fortunes that cause jealousy to any adult. Some won their millions of dollars by working hard. Some are in business or successful artists and entrepreneurs. Meet the richest children in the world.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince George is the third in the line of succession of the British royalty, and at only four years, he already has properties valued five billion dollars. As if that were not enough, he receives 500 million dollars per year.  

His sister, Princess Charlotte, turns three in May. It is estimated that when both are adults, their net worth will be eight billion dollars. 

Suri Cruise

Suri is 11 years old and is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. From a very young age, the girl has stolen the headlines because of her way of dressing. When she was five years old, her shoe collection was already valued at $ 150,000.

Tom Cruise’s net worth is estimated at 570 million dollars and Katie Holmes’s 25 million dollars. This explains the reason why Suri is on this list and probably never have to worry about financial problems. 

Rico Rodriguez

At19 years, Rico Rodriguez is known worldwide for the character ” Manny Delgado,” which he plays since 2009 in the American series Modern Family.

With such a young age, Rico already has a rumor that perhaps he creates greed for veteran actors. He received four SAG awards as best supporting actor on television, co-hosted a Kids Choice Awards and participated in 10 chapters of the Jimmy Kimmel Live, just to mention some of his most famous works. 

Jaden Smith

The son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith grew up on the recording sets. In 2006 he gained fame by starring in Pursuit of Happiness. He is also known for acting in the remake of The Karate Kid, 2010, and for his projects as a rapper. 

The net worth of his assets is eight million dollars. The amount does not compare what he would inherit from his parents, it is estimated, own 200 million net dollars in property. Jaden is currently 19 years old.

Jaylen Bledsoe

At 18, he was already a millionaire and won every penny with his work. Self-taught, Jaylen learned design alone, reading school supplies. At age 12, he opened his own technology company and, five years later, became the president of The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group.

Jaylen is currently 19 years old, and his company is evaluated at 3.5 million dollars. Around 100 people work there, mainly programmers and designers. 

Valentina Paloma Pinault

The only daughter of actress Salma Hayek with her husband – businessman François-Henri Pinault – lives in a mansion valued at $ 12 million. 

Valentina is known because she speaks three languages ​​fluently. Salma stated in the Ellen DeGeneres show that her daughter sells homemade slimies to her classmates, a kind of colorful and glitter modeling clay she makes. 

Blue Ivy Carter, Sir Carter, and Rumi Carter

Jay Z and Beyoncé have an estimated fortune of one billion dollars, which makes their three children – Blue Ivy, and the twins Sir Carter and Rumi Carter – young millionaires. 

Blue Ivy usually wears outfits with the latest trends, just like her mother. The party for her first birthday cost approximately 200 thousand dollars. 

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Beckham

With millionaire dads – David Beckham has an estimated fortune of 350 million dollars and Victoria Beckham 300 million dollars – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper have a very comfortable life.

But parents want the family’s fortune to expand, and their three children are already getting involved in the business. Brooklyn is studying photography and has already released his first book, Romeo works as a model, and little Cruz has a song for charity purposes. 

North, Saint and Chicago West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s three children are usual to having every movement of their day, followed by the cameras of their mom and grandmother’s reality show. 

It is estimated that Kim and Kanye have $ 215 million in assets, and each of their children would receive a portion of that amount by turning 21.

Nick D’Aloisio

The Englishman Nick D’Aloisio is a young entrepreneur who won every penny of his fortune. When he was 17, he created the Summly application.

His application caught the attention of various entrepreneurs specialized on the internet. It was bought by Yahoo! for the amount of 30 million dollars, making Nick one of the youngest people in the world to build his fortune. Currently, he is 22 years old, Nick studies Computer Science at the University of Oxford and continues to undertake in the world of technology. 

Shiloh, Vivienne, Pax, Maddox, Knox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt

The six children of the Jolie-Pitt couple are among the most famous children in Hollywood. The oldest son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, is 16 years old. The twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were born in 2008 and are the youngest in the family. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt invest in a total of 10 million dollars every year on their children, especially in their education. Each of the children chose a foreign language to study. It is not known how much the children can spend without the authorization of their parents, but Pitt owns 240 million dollars in goods and Angelina, almost 145 million dollars.

Abigail Breslin

Abigail is 21 years old, but she is already one of the most famous actresses in the United States. Her first job was in a commercial at age three, and her first film was at age five. At age 10, she played the unforgettable ” Olive Hoover” by Little Miss Sunshine, a role that made her an international celebrity and for which she was nominated for an Oscar Award.

Abigail works as an actress and singer, and her current heritage is valued at more than 12 million dollars. 

Jennifer Katharine, Rory John, and Phoebe Adele

Bill Gates’ three children – Jennifer Katherine, Phoebe Adele, and Rory John – have the richest man in the world as their father.

The founder of Microsoft has an estimated fortune of more than 110 billion dollars. Although he has stated that he donates part of his money, his children have unusual luxuries. For example, his daughter Jennifer loves hypnosis. So she could train, Bill Gates bought a house in Florida with a racecourse. 

Elle Fanning

Elle began acting at the age of 2, playing the younger version of her sister’s character, Dakota Fanning, in I am Sam. In 2010, the actress was awarded a Golden Lion at the Venice International Festival for her performance in the movie Somewhere. 

The Super 8 movie, produced by Steven Spielberg, consolidated it as one of the best actresses of generation. At age 16, she starred in Maleficent with Angelina Jolie, giving life to Princess Aurora. 

Dannielynn Birkhead

Dannielynn is the daughter of model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who died when the girl was just five months old.

With the death of her mother, Dannielynn became heiress and, currently, has a fortune estimated at 10 million dollars. 

Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco

Molay Hassan is the prince to the throne of Morocco and, at age 14, already helps his father in official events. His name is a tribute to his grandfather, Hassan II, and, when he is king, he will be called from Hassan III.

The prince is the eldest son of the current king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, and his wife, Lalla Salma. 

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