There are only 5 coronavirus-free countries in the world and they are all in Africa

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The coronavirus pandemic has reached a greater or lesser extent almost everywhere in the world, but at least so far, there are still five countries in which there are no confirmed cases.

Some say it is because they do not have much connectivity with other nations, and others, because they are so small they do not have the resources to implement tests. Hopefully, it is for the first option.

1. Comoros

This small African country is made up of three islands, located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique, and according to a doctor from this place, the fact that the coronavirus has not arrived is because a massive treatment against malaria is maintained, one of whose elements is used in current cures against COVID-19, although he clarifies that this is only a personal assumption that must be scientifically confirmed.

2. South Sudan

This country is located in the center of Africa, and Dr. Angok Gordon Kuol, who directs the work against the coronavirus in that place, says that the lack of cases is due to the fact that there is little air traffic, although they have been closed anyway. Schools canceled flights, and mass events were banned.

3. Sao Tome and Principe

A beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea, in which no cases have been recorded either; However, according to Anne Ancia, representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in that place, it is because they are so poor that there is no money to implement tests.

4. Lesotho

It is a country located within South Africa, where until a few weeks ago, there was no way to get tests or install a detection center, but billionaire Jack Ma donated several kits for this purpose, and fortunately, none have been positive.

5. Malawi

A beautiful place in South Africa, without a doubt, and according to Joshua Malango, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, there is evidence, and it has been applied without a single case being confirmed, although he also points out that it is a matter of time for the coronavirus arrives.