These are the 10 most exotic plants on the planet

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On Earth, there are many species of plants on which we have no idea that they exist. The biodiversity of the terrestrial flora is so great that we are surprised every time we encounter a new specimen.

In fact, beyond the plants that we know the most, there is a whole world of extraordinary species that, at first glance, may seem taken from a fantasy or science fiction film because of its shapes and colors.

Meet the 10 most unusual plants that inhabit your planet.

10.Tacca Chantrieri

This curious plant stands out for its black and violet pigmentation. Tacca chantrieri extends through the areas of Malaysia and the Pacific and is very difficult to find. Inhabits mainly in areas where humid environment rules.

9. Venus flytrap

Dionaea muscipula is one of the most famous carnivorous plants in the world. It hunts its victim when they are alive and comes into contact with one of its sensitive edges, located around the leaf.

The victim must remain or come back into contact with the area in a 20-second time slot. Otherwise, it is not activated. This is due to a security system developed by the Dionaea to make sure that they will not waste energy.

8. Wolffia arrhiza

It is the smallest plant on the planet: it weighs 0.5 grams, and its diameter ranges between 8.8 and 1.3 millimeters, which makes a dozen of them fit comfortably on the head of a pin. It is aquatic, native to Malaysia and Australia. They are in 40% protein, which places them at the same level as soybeans, and that is why it is used as food.

7. Actaea pachypoda

It is an American floral plant that reaches 50 cm in height. Its white flowers are produced in tiny clusters. Also, this species generates drupe, a fruit similar to an eyeball, so it is also called the doll’s eye.

Although it seems harmless, its fruits are poisonous. It has been listed as toxic to humans, although in some cultures, it is used as an antidote to the venom of some snakes.

6. Hydnellum peckii

Popularly known as “blood tooth fungus,” it is an inedible fungus that produces spores on the surface of its vertical spines. It was discovered in 1913, and since then, it has been found in the areas of North America, Iran, and Korea.

Its appearance changes depending on the evolutionary phase in it. At birth, it is a velvety mass of grayish color. When it grows, it changes color and texture and begins with the secretion of fluid, losing it at the end of its life.

5. Drosera capensis

Another of the most curious species of carnivorous plants. Drosera capensis feeds on insects, using its striking and sticky tentacles as a trap. The dam comes into contact with them and surrounds it until it is wrapped and prevents its escape.

Its leaves only last one day. They open in the morning and close and fall at sunset to make way for the new ones. Also, this plant produces small seeds.

4. Cereus grandiflorus

It is called “queen of the night” and is found in South and Central America. These exotic flowers inhabit very dry areas and are located high on the rocks. Its name is because the flower only lasts 6 hours, without the possibility of being reborn.

3. Dracunculus vulgaris

It is popularly known as “witch grass” because of its elongated and pointed shape, as well as the purple color of its leaf.

It is a perennial plant that reaches an approximate size of 1 meter high. Its stem is underground, which allows it to collect a greater amount of nutrients. The petiole (the corner that joins the stem and its leaf) is especially long, reaching about 20cm on average.

2. Clathrus archeri

Its appearance resembles that of a starfish. The Clathrus archeri plant is a truly amazing species of Australian origin. One of its curiosities is that at birth, it has an egg shape, with jelly and soft consistency. Later, when opened, it lets out several red stalks with black spots, giving the appearance of a star or the legs of a crab.

Its smell is very unpleasant, like the previous one, and this species only appears in the summer and autumn seasons.

1. Hydnora africana

It is a plant that stands out for the absence of chlorophyll (green pigments characteristic of plants). Originally from the African continent, Hydnora grows underground. Its only visible part is its fleshy flower, which opens its petals to allow insects to enter for a short period. Like the Bunga Bangkai, it emits a rotten smell to attract parasites.