These are the 5 safest fabrics to make homemade masks: study

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Health officials recommend that we cover our faces during the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid infection. Many people have chosen to make their own mouth covers at home, and it is an excellent idea to protect yourself and not contaminate excessively. However, not all materials protect us the same.

There are some better fabrics than others to make them, and research done by Smart Air, an international company of low-cost air purifiers, shows us which are the best option.

This company tested 30 different materials and evaluated the filtration of coronavirus-sized microparticles, in addition to their breathability, two factors of great importance to consider when making a mask. 

What are the best materials?

According to the study, these were the materials that best block germs that come out through coughing or sneezing:

1. Denim

2. Canvas

3. Paper towels

4. Disposable cleaning cloth

5. Bed sheets

Fabrics that are not suitable:

These were the ones that yielded worse results:

1. Lightweight 100% cotton T-shirts

2. Scarves

3. Scarves fabric

4. Velvet

5. Linen

In conclusion, natural materials are better than synthetic ones.

There is another quick test

Another way to find out if a material is suitable or not is to hold the material in bright light if the light passes through the fibers very easily, to the point that you can almost see them, so it is not a good fabric. The densest fabric, where light cannot pass easily, is the right material.