These CIA and FBI secret operations are just astonishing

Operation Mongoose

The CIA had Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba in their crosshairs for a while. It seemed that they weren’t going to stop at anything in order to neutralize him. The CIA’s Operation Mongoose had many failed attempts to assassinate the revolutionary leader.

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Some of the tactics included exploding cigars, poisoned wetsuits and even having a former lover spike his drink. He once stated that if surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic sport, he’d win the gold medal.

The Cuban Informant

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The Gambino crime family is a Mafia legend. They were one of the “Five Families” that posed a major criminal presence the FBI had their eyes on for a long time. In 2002, the bureau was able to sneak in an undercover agent among the Gambinos.

He posed as Jack Falcone, a 390-pound jewel thief. Their target was Greg DePalma who was an aging family capo in the family. Falcone wasn’t even Italian, which should’ve been the first sign he was a fraud. He fooled the Gambinos for three years before the FBI decided to pull the plug on the operation after Falcone refused to beat up a cop. DePalma and many others were sent to jail.

There Were Lost CIA Agents In North Korea

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North Korea has been a mystery to the US intelligence agencies for decades now. In the 1950s, they set out to learn more about the country by parachuting CIA agents into the country. They hoped the agents could plant seeds of resistance and lead the North Korean people against the government.

The agents who dropped in were never heard from again. Apparently the CIA continued to send agents into the hermit country until 1970.

William Queen Plays It Stupid

His work ended up putting away 53 members of the gang. He said that his strategy was to play the dumb member. His nickname in the Mongols was “Billy the Slow-Brained.” They didn’t think he would even have the intellect to be a cop.

Tina Isa Lost Her Life

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Tina Isa was a rebellious teenager to her Palestinian parents. She held a job at Wendy’s and had an African-American boyfriend. Her dad, Zein Isa was a suspected member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization so their house was bugged by the FBI.

In 1989, Tina returned home and was murdered by her dad and mom and it was all caught on FBI audio. Both parents were sentenced to the death penalty.

Dalia’s Post-Marital Regrets

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Shortly after Dalia Dippolito married her husband Michael, she knew she didn’t want to be with him. So, naturally, she tried to take him out the old fashioned way — with a hitman. After a few failed attempts at poisoning him, and even framing him as a drug dealer she figured it was the logical next step.

Dalia sought out a hitman, who if she didn’t learn from movies, is always an FBI officer. She paid the undercover cop to kill her husband. The police staged the death and hauled her away to jail after being confronted by her very alive ex-husband.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Madness

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This probably isn’t the news that the Red Hot Chili Peppers wanted to hear in the early 2000s. But their music was used as a form of torture by the CIA. Yes, you’re reading this correctly.

According to a former interrogator, the Chili Peppers’ songs have a lot of bass in their guitar riffs and if played for a long period of time can make someone feel extremely uncomfortable. Tell that to a RHCP fan.

Operation Acoustic Kitty

As much as you want to try to train cats, you can’t. They live by their own rules, so the fact that they botched a training program by the CIA shouldn’t be too surprising. It was called Operation Acoustic Kitty, and it set out to train cats to hang around the Soviet Union embassies with microphones and hearing devices implanted in their ears.

The operation cost $20 million and shut down after the first cat was killed by a taxi and the other cats were too easily distracted.

The Woman In Red

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Ana Cumpanas, AKA The Woman in Red was a Romanian who moved to the United States in 1909. She took up prostitution as a way to make ends meet. One of her clients was a man named John Dillinger who was the most wanted man in America at the time.

She needed some money so she went to the FBI to turn him in. They came up with a plan to get her to bring John to a movie theater where they would nab him there. They ended up killing Dillinger and then only paid Ana half of what she thought she was getting and then deported her shortly after.

The Cold War Culture

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When the second world war ended, the United States decided that it would ramp up its culture war against the Soviet Union by showcasing their art. They secretly funded artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

The U.S wanted to showcase how free they let their abstract artists design. In the Soviet Union, there were strict rules impressionists had to follow. The artists became extremely popular around the world, so, mission accomplished?

Area 51 Actually Exists

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The existence of Area 51 has been speculated upon for decades. In 2013, the CIA finally decided to release documents that prove Area 51 is actually real. It’s about 125 miles west of Las Vegas, but it shouldn’t matter to you anyway because only intelligence agents are allowed into it.

Many people expected the documents released by the CIA to have alien secrets, but that wasn’t the case. Apparently Area 51 is just a testing site for the government’s top-secret aerial surveillance programs.

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