These Cold Cases Causes Headache To Police Investigators

Morgan Nick
On June 9th, 1995, Morgan Nick and her mother went to a little league baseball game in their town of Alma, Arkansas. Morgan asked if she could catch lightning bugs with her friends around the diamond.

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She was last seen around 10:45pm that same night emptying sand from her shoe near her mom’s car in the diamond parking lot. Her friends did report seeing a creepy man talking to Morgan. She has not been seen of heard from since.

Angela Mae Meeker

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Just two days after her 14th birthday, Angela Meeker went missing in Tacoma, Washington. She was walking to the mall and wanted to buy a birthday card for her friend. She was seen that evening at a party but Angela never returned home that night.

At first, police thought that she ran away. In fact, it wasn’t until two years after she was last seen that she was officially reported as missing.

Arianna Fitts

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Arianna Fitts and her mother Nicole Fitts were reported missing on April 5th, 2016. Nicole Fitts had been seen on April 1st, but Arianna hadn’t been seen since mid-February.

Arianna Fitts is still missing, but her mother’s body was found buried in a local park on April 8th of the same year. Best Buy has said that they’ll give anyone $10,000 for any information that leads to Arianna. The Fitts family still think she is alive, and that someone just wanted her for their own.

Jabez Spann

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Jabez Spann went missing in September 2017, in Sarasota, Florida. He was last seen at a Labor Day BBQ with his family and friend and hasn’t been seen or heard from again. The 14-year-old was not someone known to have any specific enemies.

His friends and family think that he was killed because he wasn’t someone who would’ve just ran away for no reason. Reward money still stands at $50,000 for information leading to furthering this case.

Ilene Beth Misheloff

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Ilene Misheloff was last seen on January 30th, 1989 when she was walking home from school in Dublin, California. She is said to have disappeared at around 3 pm in the afternoon.

There has been no sign of her except for a key fob was later found near the entrance to a local park which was along the route she typically took home from school. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Michaela Joy Garecht

Michael Garecht was abducted at around 10 in the morning in November 1988. She and a friend had left home and rode their scooters to the market two blocks away. They went into the market and started their way home but had forgotten their scooters.

They turned back and saw that one of their scooters was moved close to a parked car. When she got closer to the car a man picked her up and threw her into the back seat. There have been many leads that had led to nowhere. The case is still undergoing.

Mark Himebaugh

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On November 25th, 1991, 11-year-old Mark Himebaugh went to go see firefighters put out a small brush fire. His mother went out for errands that caused her to be delayed and get home 40 minutes later than she wanted.

By the time his mother reached where Mark should’ve been, he was gone. Authorities found his shoes and some footprints but that was it. The case has since run cold.

Ruochen Liao

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A Chinese luxury car dealer has been missing since the summer of 2018 after he was kidnapped during a business meeting. The kidnappers demanded a $2 million ransom.

His name is Tony Liao Ruochen and he had just finished an evening meeting with a few business associates when a minivan and a Range Rover pulled up beside him and abducted him. The FBI still doesn’t know why he was taken other than to get ransom money from his wealthy parents back in China.

Carla Vicentini

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After she moved to the U.S from Brazil in a student exchange program, Vicentini became unhappy with her situation, living with several women in one small hotel room. She switched out her job and moved out of her hotel as soon as she could.

She was last seen at a bar around two in the morning. Witnesses claim she left with a man. They think she returned home because all of her stuff was in her new room. A few days after she disappeared, her boss got a phone call of a mysterious person screaming for help. She has not been seen since.

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Written by Peter Ramos


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