These scandals are worse than Watergate

Ariana Grande Shocked All Of America With Donutgate

Grande is now on top of the world, but back in 2015, the only thing that anyone was talking about what Donutgate. The pop singer was caught on a security video in a donut shop licking the display donuts, putting them back for others, while saying “I hate Americans. I hate America. This is disgusting.”

Jun Sato/GC Images

Grande later apologized for “behaving poorly” and said she was extremely proud to be American. Judging by her success, the country accepted her apology for this heinous crime.

Envelopegate Ruined The 89th Academy Awards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Who could forget the massive mess up at the 2017 Oscars when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced La La Land won Best Picture…when it didn’t. Producers had to come out on stage three minutes after the acceptance speech and say no, it was really Moonlight that had won best picture.

Beatty tried to explain that he read the wrong name on the envelope, and the internet burst into criticism over the Academy’s font choice.

In 1993, Hairgate Was Bill Clinton’s Biggest Scandal

Shepard Sherbell/CORBIS SABA/Corbis via Getty Images

Back in 1993, long before Clinton would become entangled in one of the biggest political scandals with intern Monica Lewinsky, he was busy angering the public with Hairgate. The scandal goes that Clinton and Air Force One held up traffic at LAX for more than an hour so that he could get a haircut on the plane.

Thanks to Air Force One hanging out on the tarmac for an hour, half of LAX’s runways had to be shut down and incoming flights were put on hold.

Boobgate Has Gone Down In Super Bowl History

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

The Janet Jackson nip-slip from the 2004 halftime show has influenced history more than we realize. Subsequently called “Boobgate” or “Nipplegate”, it was exposed to be a planned stunt. So many people wanted to see the clip that YouTube co-founder credits the incident as the influence behind creating the video-sharing website.

Boobgate made “Janet Jackson” the most searched term on the internet in 2004 and 2005, and Merriam-Webster even added “wardrobe malfunction” to the dictionary because of it.

Deflategate Cost The Patriots $1 Million

John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Deflategate began after the 2015 AFC Championship game when the Indianapolis Colts claimed that the New England Patriots used slightly deflated footballs in the game. The NFL investigated and found that 11 of the 12 footballs provided by the Patriots were deflated to make them easier to handle.

Quarterback Tom Brady was suspended without pay for four games, the Patriots ended up being fined $1 million, and the team lost their first-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft because of Deflategate.

Celebgate Prompted An FBI Investigation

Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

Celebgate began on August 31, 2014, when nearly 500 scandalous photos of celebrities were leaked online. The photos were posted on 4chan and quickly spread to other internet sites like Reddit. Some of the celebrities who had photos leaked included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, and Olivia Wilde.

Due to the high-profile names, this scandal actually led to an FBI investigation and five men were eventually convicted on various charges.

The People Of New Jersey Were Not Happy With Bridgegate

John Moore/Getty Images

The George Washington Bridge is the main point of entrance for most New Jersey residents who travel from the city of Fort Lee to Manhattan Island. On September 9, 2013, three of the major lanes on the bridge were inexplicably closed off resulted in massive traffic jams.

Many people speculated the lane closures were done by Governor Chris Christie as retaliation against the Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie as a Democratic candidate. A state investigation proved the claims to be true and many believe Bridgegate was the start of Christie’s demise.

Chris Christie Was Back At It Again With Beachgate


Hot off the heels of Bridgegate, Chris Christie kept the scandals going with Beachgate. This time, it was the result of a state government shutdown. Christie couldn’t agree on a state budget by the deadline, so state services were shut down, which included access to New Jersey’s beaches on the Independence Day weekend.

The only problem was that on July 1, Christie was photographed soaking up the sun on the same beaches closed to the public. Beachgate was the final nail in Christie’s coffin and he was voted out of office in 2018.

Fajitagate Caused A Police Chief To Resign

Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Fajitagate all started with a simple street fight in San Francisco. The fight involved three off-duty police officers and two civilians. The off-duty officers tried to take a bag of steak fajitas from the other two men and a fight broke out, which led to the two civilians being seriously injured.

No arrests were made and it was later shown that the San Francisco Police Department tried to cover for the three off-duty officers. The police chief would eventually resign and the three men were charged with assault.

Elevatorgate Spawned An Internet War

Rebecca Wilson/Wikipedia

In June 2011, a popular skeptic Rebecca Watson was attending the World Atheist Convention when she spoke out about sexism in the atheist movement. One of her examples was that, on a previous night, she left the bar at 4 a.m. and a man asked her out in the elevator.

The comments prompted a massive internet debate on whether or not it was actually inappropriate or if Watson was overreacting. Richard Dawkins even stepped in and wrote an open letter to Watson.

Elbowgate Shows Canada Isn’t As Wholesome As You Think

Neil Hall – Pool/Getty Images

Elbowgate was an incident where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grabbed another member of Parliment to steer them up to vote and allegedly elbowed a female member in the chest. Elbowgate resulted in a yelling match on the parliament floor and Trudeau later apologized.

After reviewing the video, it was shown that Trudeau did nothing wrong, despite some parliament members calling it “physical molestation” and “criminal assault.” The fact that the Prime Minister accidentally elbowing a woman is the biggest scandal in Canada says so much about their precious nation.

Camillagate Confirmed What Everyone Suspected

PA Images via Getty Images

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, had largely been suspected by close friends of being the “other woman” in Prince Charles’ life. The speculations increased after Princess Diana mentioned another woman in her book Diana: Her True Story.

The affair was confirmed with the Camillagate tape scandal, where recordings of intimate phone conversations between Camilla and Prince Charles were released to the tabloids. The tapes are seen to be the reason why the public hates Camilla so much.

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