These socks promise to relieve foot pain after dancing with heels

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At the end of a party night, what we most want is to take off our heels and never see them again until the next party. What we do need is to take off our shoes so that our bare feet rest. The problem? Walking like this on the street is not a good idea; In addition, the ground is very dirty.

Analyzing these factors, Monika Trojanowska and Joel Bijlmer created Aftersock, Socks with a barely-there sole that makes them suitable for your emergency walk home after a night of partying.

These are the #Afterparty socks.

After a night of partying and dancing in a Miami club, Monika’s feet hurt, but she didn’t want to walk barefoot and get her feet dirty or hurt herself. The next day she and her husband started working on the socks. 

The sole is specially designed.

They are designed to wear after a night of partying so that the feet relax and protect them. They are manufactured with an After Sole technology and PVC for greater cushioning. The best thing is that they can be rolled up so you can store them in your bag.

The Aftersock are designed in three different colours: black, silver and gold; and in small, medium and large size, so that they adapt to any type of foot.

They are the solution to a problem that all women face.

During an interview, the couple talked about their innovative product:

It has been a dilemma that many women have faced, but for which no one had found a satisfactory solution, until now.

With Aftersocks, you have the opportunity to solve the problem in a comfortable way that will surely make your feet feel relaxed. These socks are an elegant solution.