They Rescued a cat with Her Kittens After Years Wandering the Streets

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In the world, there are still a large number of street animals that roam from one place to another to survive every day. They face a harsh reality not only to find food but to obtain a minimal gesture of affection that makes them feel that they are also important.

Delancey is one of those little animals, a cute kitten who was surviving with the crumbs that the street offered for many years.

The kitten was rescued in an industrial area of ​​Newark, New Jersey.

Luckily, she was seen by a rescuer and animal lover who decided to approach her and give her a new opportunity. Karla Agostinello was the rescuer who saw the kitten looking for food in the garbage, subtly approached, and stroked her.

However, sweet Delancey was not alone. She was pregnant, so she had to be rescued as soon as possible to be able to give her all the necessary attention.

North Shore Animal League America was part of the rescue project.

Agostinello, because of the worrying situation, sought help with a local rescue group, people trained to catch, sterilize, and find a home for the most vulnerable kittens.

She approached Jenna, who was in charge of rescuing Delancey along with her team.

The elusive mother had disappeared a few days when they saw her again; her young were born.

All rescuers undertook a great search to find her. It was not until they asked in a mechanical workshop if they had seen a pregnant kitten, the employees gave a possible location.

When rescuers arrived, they noticed that Delancey was defensive and very protective of her young, she covered them with her body like a shield.

The young were approximately three days old.

It wasn’t very easy for the rescue team to approach Delancey; her mother’s instinct would not let anyone approach her or her young. Jenna comments on this:

“A man in the mechanic’s workshop who was familiar with her captured her and then delicately delivered each of her kittens.”

The cute feline family was united. They were transferred to a rescue group in Little Falls, New Jersey.

Her tenderness conquered the heart of a volunteer, who offered herself as a foster mother so that the protective mother and her offspring would receive all the attention and love they deserve while finding them a permanent home.

The pups and their mother were transferred to Save the Animals Rescue Team. 

Delancey will not have to worry about looking for more food in the street, now enjoy the comforts of a foster home, the sweet kitten has proven to be a very attentive mother.

Jenna says that during the period of breastfeeding, she always consented and kept one or two kittens in her arms.

As the young grew, they were spayed and neutered.

However, not everything was going well for the brave mother, after performing some tests confirmed that Delancey suffers from the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Luckily, this virus is only transmitted through deep wounds or bites, so none of its offspring was affected.

The young grew, and a few months after being rescued, they were given for adoption.

It was not long for all the young to find a permanent home. But Delancey did not run with the same fate, still waiting for a family that accepts her with all its defects and virtues.

She, like any other furry, deserves to know the true love of a family and enjoy all its comforts. We want someone to be interested in giving her a happy life.

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