They throw the ashes of their son into the sea to fulfill his last wish

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Brian Mullins always had a dream: to travel the world, but could not realize it. At 39, the crane driver in Garland, Texas, died unexpectedly, leaving his greatest dream pending.

To honor him, his family decided to put Brian’s ashes in a small bottle along with a letter and throw it into the sea to travel free, just as he would have wanted to. Almost six months after the loss of the Mullins family, Officer Paula Pendleton, of Walton County, found the bottle, shared the moving story with the world, and returned the ashes to the sea.

Now Brian will fish in the sea.

Although Brian’s family could not go personally to throw the bottle into the sea, Darlene – his mother – sent it to relatives in Florida to do so, since he knew that he would have loved to be able to navigate and use his rod there. Fishing.

He was an avid fisherman. I wanted to travel the world.

They ask to be allowed to continue their journey

But they not only placed the ashes of their beloved son in the bottle, but Brian’s parents added a letter to explain its contents and four dollars, so that whoever found it could call them and tell them where it had ended:

Feel free to add your own note, then kindly release it once more. My son was 39 at the time of his death and was deeply loved. Please keep it traveling. Blessings.

Also, they added a note from their granddaughter Peyton, who wrote that her father’s game hit the whole family hard:

But, as my grandmother said, he loved being free. So, that is exactly what we are doing.

The sergeant of Walton County found the bottle.

Paula Pendleton, Sergeant of Walton County, found the bottle on a Florida Panhandle beach.

I sat here on my patrol car and cried like a baby.

Despite the excitement caused by the discovery and the content of the letters, he contacted an acquaintance who owns a boat and asked to take the ashes as far away from the possible coast to help them continue their journey.

Somehow, Brian Mullins is traveling the whole world, and people are trying their best to help him continue this journey. May his soul rest in peace.