Thief used his dirty panties to rob a store because he had no mask

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Surely you have heard that if you do not have enough elements to do something, use your creativity to solve it, and well, that is exactly what this thief did, who obviously did not want to be identified and caught.

The security camera of a store at a service station captured a man with a shotgun, who intended to assault the place, but to hide his face, he found nothing better than his own underwear.

Moberly, Missouri police received the report of the robbery and through their social media accounts requested support to locate the offender.

The Moberly Police Department requests public assistance to identify a subject who committed an armed robbery at Bratcher’s Fuel (221 S. Morley St.) on December 7, 2019, at approximately 6 pm.

The suspect is described as a white man, in his 20s, of average height, wearing grey clothes on his head with eye holes, a dark hoodie “Real Tree”, jeans and black tennis shoes, Nike brand.

The suspect left the scene in a car of unknown colour, possibly a Chevrolet Impala vehicle from the mid-2000s. —Moberly Police Department, Missouri

Although the police did not mention it in their comments, what drew attention was the fact that this thief had some underpants on his head to protect his identity, which in the end did not help him, because several days later he was arrested.

This is Shawn McCormick, 26, who apparently did not find a better option than putting his underwear on his head. Hopefully, at least it has been clean.

Regarding the theft last weekend at Bratcher’s Fuel, the Moberly Police Department would like to thank this great community we are lucky enough to serve. The enormous amount of information shared and advice received is a testament to how well this community works together in a time of need.

Moberly Police Department detectives were able to identify Shawn K. McCormick, 26, as the suspect who committed the robbery. McCormick has been arrested, and the charges have been formally filed before the Randolph County courts. —Moberly Police Department, Missouri

In this way, the mystery was solved, and the thief of the underpants was caught. This seems like a story of criminals of those that were broadcast on the radio many, many years ago.