Thieves entered his house but instead of stealing it they cleaned it

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An unusual day for Nate Roman, a single father living in Boston, who returns home with his son, found that someone had gotten in, because the main door was without insurance. However, instead of stealing, the invader set about accommodating the house and cleaning.

Nate left his house as he does every morning to go to work and leave his little boy at school; he closed the door of his room, like that of the street; however, when he returned, his son told him there was something strange, the door was open.

Both went inside the house and noticed that something is wrong; the door of his room, which is always closed, was completely open. Quickly the father began to check the whole house and his valuables, nothing was lost, but certainly, someone had come in because he looked different than when they left.

His son’s room, which is regularly a disaster, was collected, the toys in place, the bed made, and it even looked like someone had vacuumed; Similarly, Nate’s room, which was also very messy, was clean. It was a complete mystery!

When trying to talk to the police, to tell them that someone had entered their home to clean, they were surprised and suspicious, but they also went to do the necessary investigation: it turns out that there were no security cameras, nor the neighbors had seen something out of the unusual: without evidence, or any indication of theft, there was nothing to do.

The first theory is that a cleaning agency was wrong at home and came to clean theirs. However, the kitchen was still a mess; therefore, it must have been someone else.

At the moment, this man continues to open the drawers and closets very carefully, in case something out of the ordinary appears; for example, in the bathrooms of the house, they left in the bathroom a rose made with toilet paper.

Although Nate is already in the search for a new home after what happened, we cannot deny that the thief who went to his house was not only a very polite person but an obsessive about cleanliness.