Things you would never have thought you can do with a bar of soap

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A thing as simple as a bar of soap, which everyone has in their home, can have many more uses beyond that of hygiene. You just have to take it out of the bathroom and start putting all these tips into practice.

Oil leak

An oil leak in your car is always the worst situation. If you want to prevent the oil from leaking, a quick solution is to pick up a bar of soap and rub it over the area where the loss is occurring. The soap will keep it sealed until you can take it to fix the mechanic.

For gardeners

Scratch a bar of soap before doing your gardening, and you will keep your nails intact. When you’re done, wash your hands as usual, and you’ll see how clean they are.

Take it wherever you want

If you want to take your travel soap, but you don’t want to take up much space, this is a good idea. With a vegetable peeler, cut the soap chips you need. Store them in a boat or bag and take them wherever you want.

Close zippers

Well, the next time you have this problem here, you have an easy solution. You just have to rub a bar of soap on both sides of the zipper. This will soften it and make you slide it perfectly.

Restore your furniture

If you generously rub your old furniture with a bar of soap, you will get them to shine again as if they were new.

No more holes

If you have small holes in the walls, you can repair them by rubbing a bar of soap over them until they are filled.

Impress your guests

With this trick, you will surprise your guests in a very simple way. You just have to cut with soap peeler, roll them up and place them in a bowl. It will be that beautiful.

You can also place it in any other room, to give freshness and smell, cutting it with a cheese grater and placing it on a plate. 

With all these ideas, your favorite soap will leave the bathroom and will have many more uses than you had imagined. Aren’t you willing to try any of them? Ahead!

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