This guy only wears clothes that looks like they were taken from 1820

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”Young people now have very strange fashions” How many times have we heard our grandparents or parents say a phrase like that? 

Well, Zack Pinsent, a London boy, took that statement very seriously and made his wardrobe go back in time; now he only wears outfits that seem taken from 1820.

His Instagram , which has 350 thousand followers, seems like a real time machine because his outdated but fashionable wardrobe is the protagonist in each of his photos.

Pride, prejudice, and vampires

From a very young age, he began his fascination with vampires, especially the Dracula of Christopher Lee, whose elegant bearing captivated him.

Later he met Jane Austen’s work, and the meticulous descriptions of the character’s dress inspired this young Mr. Darcy to immerse himself in vintage fashion.

One day, he simply burned his clothes.

Since childhood, he knew that his taste was not common and common, but at age 14 he finally burned his last pair of jeans in a ceremony that, for him, marked a point of no return:

On days without school uniform, I started to wear three-piece suits, but in sixth grade, it was when I started wearing historical clothes every day.

I was surprised that in the yearbook, I was chosen as the best dressed person. People didn’t tell me in the face, but it was clear that they felt a certain level of respect.

It is not a costume, it is his identity

Every time he goes out to the street, his appearance attracts the attention of passers-by who, curious, approach him to ask if he is part of staging, but they almost never believe him when he tells them that he is simply being himself.

Mr. Darcy we all want

He does not intend to attract attention with his lifestyle, he just decided to be faithful to his essence, enjoy his creativity and, as a bonus, increase his confidence. Even so, his look made him irresistible and is a magnet for women because, since he began dressing like this, he has received some marriage proposals. He attributes it to the girls looking for an old-fashioned plated gallant, someone who cares about his appearance.

Why would I want to be dressed in shirts and jeans if I can go anywhere looking like Napoleon Bonaparte?

Self-taught designer

At first, he bought his clothes from vintage stores, but then he totally immersed himself in the renewal of his appearance and learned to sew on his own.

After years and years of constant practice, he captured the interest of social networks, so he now makes outfits for others and has his own business in which he specializes in pieces from 1660 to 1920.