This is how the most important cities in the world look like today

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Until just a few months ago we were used to seeing hundreds and thousands of people traveling, enjoying different cities and even crowding public squares to admire the culture of a country, but now the streets are deserted, and with just reason, we must attend to contingencies.

It seems that the world is taking a break from people, and this is how the most important places look, from Las Vegas to China, there is nobody on the streets.

1. The Las Vegas lights went out

The City that Never Sleeps for the first time in history did. Given the loneliness in the streets, they decided to turn off all the lights and closed casinos and restaurants.

2. The Trocadero Square in Paris is deserted

The square in front of the Eiffel Tower has run out of visitors. Without people, you can appreciate its beauty even more.

3. Almost empty squares in Rome

The steps of the Plaza de España is a very popular place in the Eternal City, so comfortable that hundreds of visitors sat down to take a break and admire the scenery, so much so that the city council enacted a law that prohibits sitting on the steps. Today, the plaza misses tourists.

4. In Tokyo, there is less traffic on the streets

The Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is one of the busiest in the world. Currently, it is much less traveled, you can almost see the pedestrian lines that are generally hidden by pedestrians.

5. In China, doctors are honoured

The protagonists and great heroes in this heartbreaking story have undoubtedly been the doctors and clinical staff. These characters have worked day and night tirelessly to attend to those who need it. In the city of Fuzhou, the capital of China’s Fujian province, they decided to pay tribute to the more than 200 doctors and nurses who have been attending Wuhan’s 16 hospitals, and project their photos on the buildings.

6. The Queen left her palace.

In the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace is one of the most visited because everyone expects to see the Queen, but with the current situation, the sovereign left the castle, moved to Windsor and people stayed in their houses.

7. Disneyland closed its doors

This is the fourth time that the most visited park in the world has to close its doors. Without people, it looks very sad.

8. Times Square Spectacles Are Now More Appreciated

On March 18, the Seventh Avenue and Broadway Avenue cruise ship, the iconic site of Manhattan, was completely empty in New York.

9. Public transportation without people in NY

New York’s train stations are totally alone.

10. This is how Bogota looks like

In the capital of Colombia, the authorities closed all kinds of borders; They even banned international flights for thirty days, making the city look peaceful and very lonely.

11. The Louvre Museum closed its doors

Now the works are alone, resting from the visit of thousands of people who day by day observe them and visit the old Parisian royal palace.

12. Hong Kong airport ran out of flights

The flights were suspended until further notice.

13. The Taj Mahal is lonely

The number of visitors decreased from the first days of March at this Hindu funerary monument built between 1631 and 1654 by Emperor Shah Jahan to his deceased wife.

14. Goodbye to shopping in Milan

The gallery of Víctor Manuel II in Milano is one of the sites that have hundreds of designer stores. In the face of the contingency, everyone closed their stores.

15. In Chicago, there is only one person on the streets

The authorities suggested that people work from their homes and remain isolated as much as possible, but there are still a few people circulating in the so-called City of the Wind.