This is the amount of alcohol you should consume so as not to cause harm to your health.

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There is a huge amount of myths and studies about this faithful companion, and surely you also have a whole series of anecdotes about it.

The Lancet published an extensive article on alcoholic beverages, especially what has to do with the amount consumed and the effect this has on health.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invested several thousand dollars in 100 researchers who had the difficult task of analyzing alcohol consumption between 1990 and 2016, in 195 countries, and also examining the effects this has had.

If it seems exaggerated to say that you should not drink alcohol, just pay attention to this fact: on average, 2.8 million deaths occur every year associated with alcohol intake, in addition to an innumerable number of injured, and of course, psychological, material and social damages.

Among the age group from 15 to 49 years old, it is one of the main causes of death, either due to direct damage to the body, because it increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases, due to the accidents that it causes, in addition to that it is also a factor that increases the risk of suicide, among other issues.

In people who spend 50 years, it is associated with some types of cancer that cause the death of 27.1% of women who suffer from them, and 18.9% in men.

According to the amount of alcohol consumed, the risk of illness or accidents increases.

If this seems very little to you, take into account that according to this percentage, of every 100,000 people, 914 will end up sick, dead, or injured. It doesn’t seem so simple anymore, don’t you think?

However, for those who consume 5 drinks a day, the risk increases to 37%. This consumption is not as huge as you think, since it is the equivalent of two and a half glasses of wine, which is common for many only in food. You don’t need to get drunk to be at risk.

The researchers explain that you should not consume alcohol, much less say that it has health benefits because although it can favor some positive issues for the body, the risk and damage is much greater than what it brings.

There is a lot of work to do, the study highlights, as governments must promote public policies to avoid alcohol consumption among the population definitely. It seems an impossible mission.