This is the reality of love in modern times

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We live in an era full of technological advances that have facilitated our lives in many ways. Even in relationships, it is a matter of entering a social network and “like” the photo of the boy that you find attractive. 

There are even applications to find your perfect partner according to your tastes and interests, with equations and algorithms certain that they tell you who is right for you.

You can meet people from other countries, with another culture and another language, and live a fantasy romance through the Internet.

Upload a photo to Instagram to show the world your incredible life and thus attract the one you have always wanted. In the end, you do all this to find an ideal person for you.

Everything has become so impersonal that we have suddenly forgotten what is really worth in a relationship: those nerves when the boy you like approaches, the first words that cross, those confident looks, the smiles that are gradually falling in love with you.

Appearances are the most important thing: take a wonderful photo to put it in profile, hands entwined for the cover, feet together while watching a movie to show off your dream relationship. But the reality is that we do this to get the attention of our acquaintances.

We spend hours editing the photographs we take with our partners, then we wait for the rain of likes and congratulations comments. The truth is that we are not prepared for a formal relationship that involves serious commitment. 

We are in the era of passing relationships of disposable lovers. We love the thrill of having a new conquest, but we don’t really appreciate that person once we have them by our side. We don’t want a relationship for life. We just want to pretend we have it.

We seek unconditional love when we are not willing to sacrifice anything for another person; We don’t want to put aside our comfort to support each other. We want to go out to dinner and laugh for a while, but we don’t accompany each other when loneliness comes at once. We always have to smile and appear to be happy.

The conversations have become an eternal rain of text messages; We cannot connect with the other person with our eyes, but we do not lose the connection with the cell phone. Love has become cold and distant, and yet it is what we most want, find what we have longed for since our childhood, and have our story with a happy ending.