This Little Girl Lost Her Stuffed Toy At The Airport And Got The Greatest Surprise From The The Airport Police

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If you also saw the nightmare of losing your favorite toy, this story will make you smile and maybe feel a little envious. It all started on a trip back home to Norfolk, Virginia, when an eight-year-old girl named August Bridges realized that she had lost her favorite stuffed animal toy at the airport where she landed after a vacation with her family.

Her best friend, Cookie Dough, is a stuffed dog that August has a lot of affection for, so her parents had no choice but to call the airport and ask for help finding his daughter’s toy. The police department not only found Cookie but also adopted and specially cared for him. While his owner came back for him, this stuffed animal lived the best adventures with a couple of police officers, and now all the Internet dies of tenderness.

August’s mother called the airport to find Cookie

Sharon, the person who received my call when I asked about Cookie, never made us feel ‘dumb’ for asking for a stuffed animal toy. In fact, he took it very seriously and took care of taking all the toy descriptions. He asked his name, the last place we saw him, his mother’s name; He knew how desperate we were.

The cops found him and entertained him

The adventures of Cookie Dough at Norfolk airport.

Before August returned for his best friend, he had a great time

I’m having fun, but I still miss you so much!

He did everything at the airport

Where is Cooki Dough? You see me now? I’m ready for my new emergency. See me?

He was with the firemen

Wow, these guys were the best of the best!

It was a star cop

I was the honorary policeman for a day!

They made him feel the most exceptional toy

I feel special. Not everyone comes here and drives a trailer!

Did some mischief

They caught me, but I’m still having fun!

But he was always watching if August came back for him

Cookie, in his guard hours, while August returns.

Do not try this at home!

I’m not sure if I should do this, but I have a lot of fun. But don’t try it at home!

He had more than one friend at the airport

I’m saying goodbye to my friends.

He knew every corner of the place

I even visited the military.

However, he was waiting patiently for his owner

Watching how the planes go. Waiting for when you return for me. Hugs and kisses.

This group of policemen demonstrated their enormous heart

I was very hungry, but don’t worry, they fed me!

And August was happy to see Cookie’s adventures

We will miss you, Cookie Dough. Please come back to revisit us. . Norfolk Airport Police.

More cops like that!

Those cops are good people, We know that your job is to keep us safe, but this act was such an incredible act of kindness, given your daily duties, Kelly, August’s mother.