This man gives 10 thousand dollars to each employee of a fast food place

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Most of the time, we talk about and acknowledge the incredible work that health personnel do against COVID-19; yes, they really are heroes without capes. However, we forget those people who, out of necessity, have to continue working, either as food delivery men or in a supermarket, and we must also recognize their work.

Those who make up this small population are also heroes because they help citizens to stock up on different products. For this simple reason, Jay Mazini went to a food store and gave $ 10,000 to each employee.

Their work must also be recognized

Jay Mazini lives in Paterson, New Jersey, United States, and he always goes to a fast food store to try to help sales continue during the pandemic, but a few days ago the young man did not go for food, he appeared in front of the window and gave 40 thousand dollars to be distributed among the four employees who were working the night shift.

His action went viral on social networks

Mazini shared the video on his Instagram account to encourage others to help these people, but he never imagined that he would reach more than 260 thousand views in just six hours. He said he was happy to help.

Today I decided to help a few people who work at Checkers in Paterson. Money does not matter to me. I care about helping those in need! I just wanted to bless the 4 employees with $ 10,000 each, because you always get what you offer!

It was a great help to the economy of the employees

The boys, who charge about $ 11 an hour, were initially incredulous that the money was for them, but after Mazini explained it was to help them, they didn’t hesitate to jump for joy; Then they thanked him for this huge gesture. Without a doubt, these small actions are what is taking the world forward.