This newborn arrives angry at the world and does not hesitate to prove it

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It is increasingly common for parents to accompany their partner during childbirth so that they can live together one of the most special moments in their lives; You know, after all the birth is unique, special and unrepeatable.

Although many faint, others manage to keep their emotions on the sidelines and manage to take the first picture of their children; however, none has been as special and fun as this baby who was born really angry.

I wanted five more minutes.

The vast majority of babies are born screaming, crying or opening their eyes to discover the new world around them, but this little girl came out with a furious face for the doctor. The photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann, who specializes in images of births, was hired by the parents of the child to have a beautiful memory of the birth.

On February 13 he went to the delivery room to welcome Isabela. He was attentive to every detail, and when the doctors took out the baby, he did not hesitate to capture the face with first expressions.

Everyone in the delivery room was surprised.

Both doctors and nurses and parents were surprised when she frowned. They even gave small laughs due to the unusual situation. Seconds later, the doctors had to cause her to cry and check that she was in good health, and fortunately, that was the case.

Her discomfort dissipated minutes later.

Apparently she was just angry because they interrupted her rest. The parents, Daiane and Renato, said that once they were handed over, she opened her eyes wide and continued crying for only a few minutes.

Isabela continues with her strong character. Daiane also mentioned that she continues to wrinkle her forehead when it’s time to change diapers and eat.

Social network users took the opportunity to make a joke with the baby’s face, and that is, we must accept that it goes very well to clarify certain situations. This family definitely has a funny anecdote to tell.