This Rescue Dog Is Best Friends With A Bizarre Object And Never Leaves It

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Arina Smoak was driving back home when she saw a dog standing on the street looking in a horrible state, so she parked to help the dog. When she got out of the car, she realized that a group of cubs came out of a hiding place: they were looking for their mother.

They were all in a poor state, were full of ticks, and looked very malnourished; They urgently needed help. Ariana took them home to keep them safe, and with the support of her mother, she managed to get the money necessary to take them to the vet.

Both the dog and the puppies made a great recovery, and in a short time they were in optimal conditions to be adopted, each one found a home! Everyone left home, except one, the smallest and “clumsiest” of the litter, little Sunny. He stole the family’s heart immediately.

This is adorable Sunny

Sunny has always stood out for being very loving and tender, he loves toys, and he has a dozen of them that she plays with every day. However, there is one in particular that has completely captivated him: a brick.

This is his best friend: Mr. Brick

It was curious enough for the family that a brick became their favorite distraction. The crush came up suddenly when they laid the brick on the carpet so that the end wouldn’t curl up, and from that moment on, Sunny couldn’t resist. He plays with it whenever he has a chance and drags it around the house.

Ariana thought it would be a passing obsession, but apparently, it was not a “stage,” it really is his best friend.

They believed the obsession with brick would go away

But now he can’t live without it

Takes it everywhere

The best friends are the ones you least expect

Apparently, this puppy and its brick will never be separated again. These are friends!