‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ director leaks script, reveals Tony to return to MCU

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Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Love and Thunder, made a live broadcast through his Instagram account and showed part of the script for the film.

We know that there are always leaks and things like that, but what has caught our attention is that Tony Stark appears in this text, and not only that, but he would be back to reunite The Avengers.

Of course, everyone has agreed that this is a joke, especially because of the absurdity of the dialogue between Tony Stark and Thor, who are, to the surprise of the Nordic god.

—Thor: Tony? Tony Stark!

—Tony: I’m alive! Perfectly normal, perfectly Tony.

—Thor: But how?

—Tony: Science. Thanos has also returned.

Thor: So are we together again?

Tony: All those who died are back. And right now, we will avenge them better than ever. From now on, we will be known as, the Avengers.

For many, it was a great joke, but others did not like it, since the character of Tony has become something like “untouchable” and they do not like to be deceived by the followers saying that he is going to return.

Taika also showed some parts where Loki would apparently be back in Love and Thunder, although the director did not confirm it, but did not say if it was another prank either.

In this case, it is more likely, since Thor’s brother managed to escape when some traveled to the past, so we do not really know what happened to him, which opens the possibility for him to return.

What we do know is that we will see a new Asgard, much more spectacular than the one we saw in Endgame, among other things that obviously are not going to be revealed yet.

It was surely a joke, although who knows, because there are still millions around the world awaiting the return of the great Tony Stark, and you are one of them.