Tom Hanks announces that he and his wife have Coronaviruses and are being placed in confinement.

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There is no doubt that life gives its best warriors the worst battles, and that is that one of the kindest men in the middle of the show, Tom Hanks, and his wife Rita Wilson, tested positive for coronavirus.

Tom announced through his Twitter account. Everything indicates that the couple was placed in confinement in an Australian hospital, according to the actor’s statement:

Hello friends. Rita and I are in Australia. We started to feel tired, we had a cold and our bodies ached. Rita had chills coming and going. A little fever too. To do things right, as it is needed so much in the world at the moment, we tested for Coronavirus and tested positive.

Well now, what do we do next? Medical officers have protocols that must be obeyed. The Hanks will be in tests, observations, and confined as long as the protocol requires. There is more to add more than one day at a time, right?

We will keep the world informed.

Take care!


The publication is accompanied by a photograph in which a latex glove appears in a container of medical equipment, indicating that it is under observation, as we can read in its statement.

The 64-year-old actor’s statement coincided with the message issued by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in which he announced, among other measures, the suspension of all flights from the European Union to the US for 30 days for security. 

Tom Hanks and his wife had moved to Australia to shoot a film about Elvis, where the actor plays his manager, Tom Parker, who helped him succeed in the 1950s.

The Hanks is the first known case in Hollywood to have tested positive for COVID-19, however everything indicates that they are taking the necessary measures to recover and, most importantly, not to spread the virus outside the country where they contracted it.