Tom Hanks Gifts Typewriter to 8-Year-Old Bullied Boy Named Corona

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I think at this point in the game we all agree that actor Tom Hanks is one of the kindest and kindest people in the middle of the show. But, in case you still have doubts, today we bring you an example that will prove it.

Few people know that Tom is a collector of old typewriters, he even has a room in his house that is specifically to keep these artifacts, since he has hundreds and hundreds of machines that he has bought in his life or that some fans have given him. Mr. Hanks loves to use them, in fact, he answers letters from his followers using his machines, which means that they are very important to him.

Getting rid of them is not easy, but when it does, it is for a special reason, like the one we will tell you next.

Tom Hanks has donated one of his precious typewriters to a boy who sent him an emotional letter telling him that he has been bullied and bullied at school for being called Corona.

Although naming your son Corona may have been a normal choice some time ago, it has now become an unfortunate event as we live through difficult times where the coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives around the world.

Even more unfortunate is that Corona De Vries, a little boy of just 8 years old, has been bullied by his schoolmates because of his peculiar name.

The little guy is a fan of Tom Hanks, so he wrote him a letter on April 6, long after Hanks was diagnosed with the virus. In this writing, Corona explained his complicated situation, expressed his sympathy for Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson and asked them if they were okay with the complicated situation they went through while they were in quarantine in Australia. The little one also asked him for some words of encouragement and advice to deal with his bullies.

I love my name, but at school, people call me coronavirus. I get sad and angry when people call me that.

– Corona De Vries, 8 years old.

Within days, Hanks responded to Corona with another letter written on the typewriter, as usual: “Your letter made my wife, and I feel great. Thanks for being such a good friend. Friends make their friends feel good when they are depressed.”

The Hollywood star then signed her letter with reference to Randy Newman’s famous Toy Story song, adding, “You have a friend in me.”

In addition to the heartwarming letter, Hanks also sent Corona one of his many typewriters, named after the Corona brand.

I thought this typewriter would be suitable for you. Ask an adult how it works and use it to write to me.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a long and beautiful correspondence between the two.

– Tom Hanks, actor.

Corona is now learning how to use his great new gift, courtesy of the good Forest Gump. Hopefully, this action makes him feel better and that the bullies at his school stop bothering him because of his amazing name.