Tom Holland Rumored to Be in Talks to Join VENOM 2 as Spider-Man

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will bring us great surprises next year, including a third of the adventures of Tom Holland’s Spider Man, a film that was wrapped up in controversy this year because, as we know, the rights to it They belong to Sony Pictures and not to Disney, so by little, and we don’t have the third part of our friendly neighbor within the MCU.

But it is not what we are talking about today, but that just the Spider Man of Tom Holland could have an entry in the sequel of Venom, another Marvel character whose rights are Sony Pictures.

A source very close to the company said that negotiations with Holland have already begun to make its Venom 2 appearance possible, although it has not yet been made official. 

However, its participation is a bit complicated. Why? Well, because Tom has contracts with Disney and Sony separately, that means, we may see different stories in the films of each company, since there is no connection between the movie of the MCU and those of Sony, so it will be interesting to see What do they think of?

It is likely that, in order to avoid some kind of legal problem, Sony decides to create a multiverse different from that of the MCU, in this way the actor could interpret the same character in different universes, but they must handle it very carefully so as not to confuse fans. So we will wait to see what happens.

Therefore the pre-production of Venom 2 has already begun, and so far, we know that he will face Carnage, a character we saw appear in the post-credit scene of the first film. This second part will hit theaters in October 2020 and will be performed by Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson